The Importance of Marketing for Small Businesses & Upstarts

Did you know that in the first year, 50-90% of small businesses fail, or that by the 3rd year, 50% of those surviving businesses fail, or that by year 10, 50% of those small businesses will fail? Those are very small percentages for success rates of small businesses across the board.

Small businesses fail for a variety of reasons, including not having the sales leading to negative business growth, poor management, and not having the customers’ attention. Marketing motivates customers and gets the word out about your business, which has a direct effect on your business’s sales. Many small businesses and upstarts believe that they can do their own marketing, and in some ways, they aren’t wrong. However, when you’re relying on common marketing tactics and aren’t really getting into the meat of an online marketing strategy, you’re skirting the edge which could land your company in hot water sooner or later.

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