Project Brief

Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo is a family operated, Christian based gunshop in North Georgia. Straight Shooters needed a proper website to display the professionalism of their honest gunshop. Muz Solutions provided a website design with added Search Engine Optimization capability as well as a functional eCommerce shop.

Business Card Front

Business Card Back

Website Design Screenshots

Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo business model is practical and honest, but they needed to be branded. They required extensive graphic design, a clean, functional website based on a content management software with training to make personalized changes at will. The graphics design for their business cards involved taking an image of an actual bullet and rendering it to be a part of their logo. Their target needed to be an honest one inch for shooting purposes and we created a facebook business page for their social media outreach which has been successful. These elements teamed up to provide Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo a marketing plan no other North Georgia Gunshop had.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Website Design 98%

Initial Concept Planning

Straight Shooters needed an online presence which could grow with them and a website design they could easily manipulate themselves should the need arise. As a newer gunshop in a highly competitive area, Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo needed an internet marketing plan which would give their North Georgia Gunshop an edge. Their previous business cards were cheaply made for lack of resources with a logo slapped together in Windows Paint. They needed to be Branded.

Drafts & Revisions

Muz Solutions created a marketing plan for Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo which would both give them an edge in Search Engine Optimization, but to deliver a beautiful, yet functional website. We expanded their selling power by adding an eCommerce shop to their website which enables them to reach out of the local economy. Finally, we designed a fresh logo and business cards to compliment their new look. The business cards include a 1 inch rifle target on the back to encourage customers to not only take but to show off their Straight Shooters Business Cards!

Final Delivery

Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo business has increased substantially since in the implimentation of Müz Solutions marketing plan and this North Georgia small business now has more reach then it could have dreamed of. Our simple payment plans has made this not only an affordable business investment, but an easy to accomplish one as well. We’ve delivered more than Website Design and SEO, we’ve branded an honest small business which will continue to grow throughout the years!

Project Results

Straight Shooters Guns & Ammo had fantastic results into their North Georgia Gunshop. Within the same month as the project launch, Straight Shooters saw immediate increase in foot traffic and sales.

Excellent Results

Speaking from a small business owner’s perspective, I have been very pleased with services rendered from Muz Solutions. I did have offers from others companies but found their services were way below par when compared to the quality of workmanship I saw in Muz Solutions work.

I saw an immediate increase in foot traffic to my business location after doing business with Muz Solutions. I had an immediate strong internet presence where I had virtually none before. I would highly recommend Muz Solutions for your business needs. I will be using them in the future for any projects I need.